NVARSappointment is a private organization that specializes in US visa appointment
booking for US consulates across Canada.
We offer you our team of experienced professionals who believe in personalized service
to understand your needs and requirements better, and work on your behalf to secure
the appointment for you in the
www.nvars.com appointment booking system.

Why NVARSappointment

  • No upfront fees. You only pay AFTER your appointment is booked for you.
  • We provide a choice of payment options, including payment by all major credit
    cards and PayPal.
  • We do not believe in automated replies. We strive to provide prompt, personal
    and customized service to our clients depending on their specific needs.
  • Work closely with our clients, guiding them on the availability of dates and
  • Confidentiality of our clients’ personal information is of supreme importance to us.
    We value and respect the privacy of our clients and do not share their information
    with any third parties. Our clients’ information is used solely for the purpose of
    booking the visa appointment.
  • A team of dedicated, experienced professionals working for our clients 24/7.
  • For urgent appointments, we do not rely on emails only, and call our clients to
    inform them about the successful booking of their appointment.