US Consul General in India urges students to avoid using agents

The US Consul General advised students in India seeking study visa to directly approach them instead of going through agents.
"There are several myths regarding procuring US student visa among the people. We come to know about them when the students come for visa interview," vice-counsellor of US Consul General in Mumbai, Lisa Larson, told reporters here.
"We advice students to directly approach US Embassy for the study visa. Agents are absolutely not necessary. We have learnt that they charge high fees from students," she said.
She said that all the details regarding visa process are available on its websites.
Larson said they are organising interactions in colleges and important cities with students and their parents to make them aware about the right process for visa application as a part of their awareness programme.
She said they had also noticed fake document submission by students seeking US visa.
"We are very strict regarding flawed documents and will not approve visa of any such persons," Larson added.
Infact, getting US visa is not related to perfect documentation. The applicant has to satisfy the officer who is interviewing, she added.
Larson said students seeking US visa require to show that they are financially fit to pay their college fees and stay in America for the first year.
"We do not ask for any other financial requirements for those seeking student visa."
She said there is a big drop in number of people seeking visas in all the sections, including students visas, due to the economic slowdown in the US.


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