Current US H-1B visa count for 2010

US H-1B visas are one of the most popular temporary US visa categories for entry of professional level specialty workers to the US. In the past, many Indian IT specialists have gained entry to the US on the H-1B visa. When the US economy is doing well there is usually a shortage of US H-1B Visas.

Currently, there is still good availability of US H-1Bs. The last H-1B Count as on 9 July 2010:

If you have a bachelors degree or higher, and have a specialty level job offer in the US, your employer should consider applying for the US H-1B visa. The H-1B visa can be used for entry to the US for a start date of 1 October 2021 or later. Nobody can predict when the supply of US H-1B visas will run out. If you wish to work in the US it may be advisable to apply sooner rather than later for the H-1B visa.

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