US pressures Honduran leader by revoking his diplomatic and tourist visas

The Honduran interim President, Roberto Micheletti, has said that the US has revoked his diplomatic and tourist visas.
Mr Micheletti, who came to power in June through a military coup, said the move was a "sign of the pressure the US government was exerting" on Honduras.
The US has condemned the coup and demanded the return to power of the deposed president, Manuel Zelaya.
Mr Micheletti said he was not pleased that the US Consulate addressed him as president of Congress - his prior role.
Left-leaning President Zelaya was ousted from power and forced to leave the country on 28 June.
Last week, the US halted all non-humanitarian aid to Honduras - about $30m (£18.4m) - in the wake of the coup.
The State Department said the US needed to take strong action given the failure of the replacement regime to restore "democratic, constitutional rule".
In July it had stripped four other officials associated with the coup of their US visas.


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