Why hire H-1B workers ? A letter to Mr. Fritz Henderson

An open letter to Mr. Fritz Henderson (a group of unemployed technology workers).........

This is an open letter to Mr. Fritz Henderson:

General Motors continues to retain H1B Employees while US Citizens are getting laid off. H1B employees are those who are here on a temporary work visa.

Approximately 4000 white-collared employees will lose their jobs by October 2009.

We are a group of technology workers who are also US citizens and are all unemployed due to issues faced by US automakers.

In spite of years of experience working in the information technology field, we are unable to find suitable positions. It is unfair then for GM and other companies to retain H1B workers when US citizens cannot find jobs.

There is no job out there today that a US citizen cannot be trained to do. Mr. Fritz Henderson, we request you to review your employee files and determine why an H1B employee is currently employed at GM when similarly or more experienced US Citizen workers are available in the market place.

We urge you to do the morally right thing for America and to replace your H1B employees with US citizens or Green Card holders. This is an appeal that is being sent out to all the media so that appropriate attention is received.

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