NVARSappointment is the best online service provider that specializes exclusively in
securing visa appointments for all US Consulate locations within Canada.


Prompt, personalised service with step by step instructions
Government forms and filing requirements can be a confusing, stressful and time
consuming experience. We offer you our team of experienced professionals who believe
in personalized service to understand your needs and requirements better, and work on
your behalf to secure the online appointments for you in the visa appointment booking
system, based on your requirements. We assist in setting up your online US visa interview
appointment account and schedule your appointment(s) for you and your family.
We work with you and take into account the US visa wait times, processing times, your
schedule, and estimated departure date in order to ensure you get your US visa
interview appointment on time. If and when you qualify for expedited US embassy
appointments, we also assist you in requesting an earlier appointment if needed. Our
reasonably-priced service strives to offer our clients a stress-free experience in securing
the visa appointment by saving their valuable time and energy.

Create government profiles
Scheduling of a US visa interview appointment involves creating your profile on more
than a single US government website. We create the necessary profiles for you on the US
government websites, pay the necessary fees, and schedule the US visa interview
appointment for you.

Government fees paid on your behalf
All non-immigrant visa applicants are required to pay a mandatory US visa application
fee or the
MRV visa processing fee (government fee). A large number of applications
are abandoned every year because this payment is not completed. Many applicants are
not aware of the fees or the payment process. We ensure that this payment is made on
your behalf by completing this payment on your behalf and scheduling the US visa
interview appointment for you.

Service for all US Consulates in Canada
We provide the service of scheduling US visa interview appointments for all US Consulate
locations in Canada, including including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary,
Vancouver and Halifax.

Visa application review
Most US visa applications have some sort of discrepancy or mistake that could
potentially result in a denial. When we received your online US visa application, it is
reviewed by our staff of prior to your information being submitted to the US
government, thus reducing the most common errors. We strive to offer the best possible
chance of approval of your visa.

99.9% uptime
Our website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can fill your
application on our website at your convenience.

Assistance with supporting documents
We offer assistance with all the required forms that you need to fill for the US visa
application, so that you do not need to worry about it, and have a one stop solution for
your application.

Process all non-immigrant visa applications
We offers assistance in appointment booking for all visa types that can be reserved
online, which includes, but is not limited to H1, H1B, B1, B-2, H4, TN/TD, J1, J2, L1, L2 and
F-1 visas.

Thousands of satisfied clients
With years of experience, and being one of the most reputed in the industry, we have
thousands of satisfied clients who have used our service, and have recommended us
to family and friends. Some of the leading immigration consultants and lawyers use our
services to book US visa appointments for their clients.

Fast, easy and stress-free processing
We help you in scheduling you US visa interview appointment with accuracy and ease,
at a fraction of the cost that you would pay elsewhere.

Secure processing
Your privacy is one of our top priorities. We aim to keep all of your data secure and
confidential. We specialize in processing and submitting applications for government
issued visas and travel programs. All information collected by us and from application
forms submitted to NVARS Appointment is considered confidential and is not passed
on to any third parties.

Service on a single website
We have simplified the entire process so that you only need to fill out a single form, and
let us take care of scheduling the US visa interview appointment for you and your

Choice of payment options
We provide a choice of payment options, including payment by all major credit cards
and PayPal.

For any specific questions regarding our services, please feel free to email us at
support@NVARSappointment.com with your requirements, mentioning your choice of
locations, dates, and your visa type.
1-888-997-VISA (8472)
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