Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing any of our services as well as
Privacy policy.
We conduct our business based on the following principles:

1. We are a private company not associated in any way with any government agency.
We strive to make visitors to our website aware that we offer an independent service to
clients who do not want the hassle of filing government forms.

2. We aim to treat all clients with the greatest of respect. If you have a problem with the
way that a member of our team has treated you, please email your complaint along
with details of when the dispute took place to
marked for the attention of the Customer Services Manager. We aim to deal with all
disputes honestly and fairly.

3. By submitting the
Online Visa Application Form you accept our fees and terms of
business. Our application packs can contain free government forms. By using our
service, you are paying for the additional service, which aids the filing of the
government application forms.

4. We strive to add accurate content to our website; however government information
and programs can change without notice at any time. To this end we do not accept
responsibility for inaccurate information. If you find inaccuracies on our website, please
let us know the URL and the information you believe to be misleading or incorrect.

5. All information provided to NVARS Appointment is strictly confidential and kept 100%
private. We do not give or sell information to third parties. Each of our staff members
has signed an agreement prohibiting them from sharing information about our clients or
the company outside of the company environment. Once we have fulfilled our business
with a client, their personal information is destroyed. We do not allow staff members to
invade customers privacy by calling them (except in urgent cases) or by writing down
personal information or credit card details. All contact with our clients is conducted via
email. All email is monitored.

6. We do not take responsibility for information submitted by clients, which is not true,
accurate or illegible.

7. By filling the US Visa Appointment Booking Request Form with your personal and credit
card details, you accept the terms and conditions of this service and agree to pay the
required fees for the scheduling of your appointment, and authorise NVARSappointment.
com to use your credit card for the payment of the MRV Fees and their Appointment
Booking Service Fee.

8. NVARSappointment will strive to schedule the interview appointment on the
approximate date mentioned by you when requesting our service.
If the interview appointment date requested by you is not available,
NVARSappointment reserves the right to schedule your interview appointment on the
earliest or closest date available at the US Consulate location selected by you.

Refund Policy

All fees paid to NVARSappointment are nonrefundable. We cannot make refunds when
an application has been successfully submitted according to the terms and conditions
outlined for application form, which you agreed to when you submitted your
application to NVARS Appointment.
However if you believe that we have not carried out our work according to the terms
and conditions outlined on the application form please email us - we are always
reasonable and willing to help.
The Consulate has a no-refund policy for the MRV fees, that we pay on your behalf when
we schedule the US visa interview appointment for our clients.
We cannot refund fees paid to government agencies. To receive a refund for this fee
you must contact the relevant agency directly.
1-888-997-VISA (8472)
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