MRV Fees

MRV fee amounts for various Nonimmigrant visa applications are the equivalent of:

USD$160 for most visas that do not require a petition.

Examples of visas in this category are:

Visitor Visa for business/pleasure (B1/B2),
Exchange Visitor Visa (J),
Student Visa (F),
Non-Academic Student visa (M),
Information Media Representative visa (I),
Crew visa (C1/D),
Any other visa class not specifically named as requiring higher-tiered fees.

USD$190 for petition based visas.

Examples of visas in this category are:

Temporary workers and trainees(H),
Intracompany transferees (L ),
Persons with extraordinary ability (O),
Athletes, artists, and entertainers (P),
International cultural exchange visitors (Q),
Religious Workers (R).

USD$240 for Fiancé(e) (K) visas.

USD$270 for all E category nonimmigrant visas [Treaty Trader (E-1), Treaty Investor (E-2)
and Australian Worker (E-3) visa)].

Appointment booking service fee
The service fee for booking a US Visa Appointment Online at a US Consulate in Canada
is CAD $181.50 (including Tax) for the principal applicant. Additional dependents will be
charged CAD $49.75 (including Tax) as the appointment scheduling fee.

Effective from February 12th, 2018, the service fees have been reduced from CAD $181.50
(including Tax) to
CAD $125.50 (including Tax) for the principal applicant, and from
CAD $49.75 (including Tax) to
CAD $30.00 (including Tax) for each dependent.
This is a limited time reduction for our clients, in the appointment scheduling service
fees for the upcoming summer season.
The above mentioned reduction of the service fees will be valid till further notice.

Reciprocity Fee
Depending on the applicant's country of citizenship and the type of visa, the applicant
may also be required to pay a fee for visa issuance, known as a reciprocity fee.

All fees paid to NVARSappointment are nonrefundable. We cannot make refunds when
an application has been successfully submitted according to the terms and conditions
outlined on the application form, which you agreed to when you submitted your
application to NVARS Appointment. However if you believe that we have not carried
out our work according to the terms and conditions outlined on the application form
please email us we are always reasonable and willing to help. We cannot refund fees
paid to government agencies. To receive a refund for this fee you must contact the
relevant agency directly.

US Visa Appointment Application Form Online

To apply online for a US Visa appointment Interview in Canada, please click on the link
above and submit all the information for the principal applicant. Complete all fields
using full names as they appear in the passport.

If you would like us to email you the forms, please send an email to
1-888-997-VISA (8472)
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